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As of 1 September 2011, Starling Resources has merged its practice with Mazars, a leading global audit and advisory services firm. As a result of this merger, Starling Resources has re-branded itself as Mazars Starling Resources.

Mazars is an international, integrated and independent organization specializing in audit, accountancy, tax, legal, consulting and advisory services, with more than 13,000 professionals in 61 countries. Through this merger we will continue to design and deliver high quality consulting services on behalf of our clients and partners.

We are committed to remaining a leading sustainability consultancy within the Asia Pacific region and we will continue to work to maintain your trust and provide the same personalized partner-led services with high quality outcomes that you have come to expect. Thanks to our merger with Mazars, we are also pleased to extend our capabilities to meet the growing needs of clients and partners globally.

What matters?

The answer depends on your perspective, of course. One set of issues which increasingly matters to all of us is the protection, sustainable management, and efficient use of our natural resources: water, forests, fisheries, ecosystems and biodiversity, and any number of natural materials and products. The way we choose to deal with these issues certainly matters.

It is the opportunity to address these issues which motivates Starling Resources. We believe that the many converging challenges and problems of natural resource degradation and destruction, and inefficiencies in material use, are driven by a combination of resolvable issues: pressures from poorly planned development, ill-informed analyses and actions, inadequate resource protection, and skewed economic incentives, to name a few.

Starling Resources works with partners to design solutions to positively address some of the most important of these issues in Indonesia, South East Asia, and the broader Asia Pacific region. To do so we apply clear analysis and innovative thinking - and organize our work, expertise, and partnerships to allow us to focus - on the following areas:

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